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Urban Projects

Urban infrastructure is one area, which for years has not received the due attention from policymakers. Over the last fifty years, while the country's population has grown by 2.5 times, in the urban areas it has grown by five times. It is estimated that by the turn of the millennium 305 million Indians shall be living in nearly 3,700 towns and cities spread across the length and breadth of the country. This would be nearly 30 per cent of country's total population. This likely scenario increases the emphasis on urban infrastructure. Urban infrastructure consists of drinking water, sanitation, sewage systems, urban transport, primary health services, and environmental regulation. The rising urban population is continuing to strain infrastructure services in these areas. Indeed, the recent spate of floods I major cities was an unwelcome reminder of the grim state of basic urban infrastructure. There is no effort so far on the part of the government to initiate a coherent urban infrastructure development plan. Most state governments are continuing with an ad hoc and half-hearted approach to this issue. The overall state of basic urban infrastructure in terms of transport, water supply and sanitation remains poor. Indeed, about 20% of the urban population lives in slums without access to some of the basic infrastructure services.

About 60% of urban households are not connected to public sewerage systems. Similarly, management of urban solid waste has been poor. Garbage collection efficiency ranges from 50 to 90% of the solid waste generated. Most of the urban water supply and sanitation providers are not financially viable. They need large subsidy support and have not been able to collect the required user charges due to political interference. Reforming the user charge policy and granting greater independence to these providers would be necessary for making them financially viable and increasing investments in this area.

Mr Rajesh Agarwal is a dedicated project marketing professional with extensive experience within the construction industry commencing his career over a decade ago and having specialisation in project marketing in the State of Orissa. This thorough knowledge of the construction industry has been developed through years of dedication. Mr Rajesh is committed to providing outstanding service to his clients and facilitates this through a wealth of knowledge of this industry . His integrity and professionalism's is outstanding. His strong ethical conduct is delivered with enthusiasm and care, building long-term relationships that are mutually rewarding.

His core activities include:

  • Development of acquisitioned site & disposal
  • Project Marketing
  • Investment Marketing
  • Co-ordination of performance and delivery of new development projects.
  • Overseeing new development opportunities.
  • Funding
  • Collating turn-key construction teams
  • Advising on design & construction criteria, via chosen consultants

Mr Rajesh Agarwal for Urban Projects is to be the market leader in project marketing within the eastern India by setting itself above the rest by way of providing the up most service to the clients.

THE URBAN DESIGN PROJECT is involved in a wide range of public planning and urban design efforts We work with communities to develop plans, facilitate project implementation, organize and document public conversations, develop public visions, and get citizens involved. We also work to represent what is known about specific places and about the special work of urban design and planning on a regional scale.

Project mapping: ARSS expertise in project mapping is excellent it sketches out the project before it is carried out some of the project we have executed in joint venture are highly appreciated by the communities timely completion of the urban project is one of the key strength areas of the ARSS

Quality procurement: in executing the project the quality expected from our side is modern and urban we afford to give world class quality to prove beyond doubt that that we are number one in the State of Orissa

Safety standards: we in ARSS provide safety measures on site to minimise untoward events

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