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Marine Projects

ARSS staff members have not gained enough experience in management and performance of marine research programs providing SEVICES TO THE clients with quality products designed specifically for use in environmental decision making. The expertise to perform computer-intensive analyses encompassing data-management, statistics, marine geology, physical oceanography, marine acoustics, fluid dynamics, sediment-transport, modeling, and time.

As part of this program still it is in process which will be developed in due course in marine , ARSS staff still to acquire developed and advanced grain-size analysis methodology that is capable of accurately resolving fine fractions within marine sediments.

The area which we still have not gone through will be our next priority in the next five years after we gain adequate fund allocated in this particular field

As a development in the long run we will definitely explore this particular field

We are expertising on marine soil stabilization by use of Geotech fabric and installation of Band drain by analyzing and assessing the discharge capacity by gradual increase of overburden for stable formation.

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