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Irrigation Projects

 We are constructing a Dam and its appurtenant works in the Panchkula district of Harayana valuing Rs. 120 crores. This involves design / delivering / erecting radical gates, Hoist Bridge mounted on trestles and allied component.

The work is to provide an impounded reservoir for storing base flow of almost through out the year. Work involved is 35 lacs cubic metre of earthwork, 50 thousand cubic meter of concrete, 20 thousand cubic meter of RR masonry including and 300 square meter of spill way gate 10,000 meter of 46mm. hole drilled and grouted for making the spill way & dam structure.

Major projects under execution

  • Excavation and construction of Mamiyan Distributary including all structures offtaking at RD 47.117 km of LMC of LIIP (Bangamunda) (ARSS)
  • Canal Lining and sysytem rehabilitation programe (CLSRP) of Parjang Branch canal oftaking at RD 28.899 Km of left bank canal of rengali irrigation project (PBC from RD 00Km to 11.587Km with its off taking distribution system reach-I) (ARSS)
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