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Upcoming Projects

Road and Earthworks

Due to the sheer size of the equipment fleet and the special attachments, we are able to demolish most types of buildings without explosives. Our large excavators with hammer, pulverizer, or grapple attachment can quickly and efficiently demolish most structures.

Since inception Arss Infrastructure Projects Limited has prided itself as being a Major Player In The Field Of earth moving company. From humble beginning with just a few machineries and equipment to today we have adequate machineries, we can handle project of any size by using our equipment resources articulated trucks, scrapers, excavators, loaders and bulldozers. At present, we have ALMOST 350 trucks Tipper/Hyvas, tandem rollers, Vibratory Rollers trucks in our possession with more anticipated in the future. There is no job which too large or too small, as we have moved one crore of cubic yards over the years.

Arss Infrastructure Projects Limited handled all types of soil includ sand, silts, moorum, clays, muck, buried debris or any combination thereof, you can feel confident that we have the knowledge of how it should be handled. We have established laboratories to test pre/past work using different soils for different utilities.

Bridge Works

Company specializes in the design, construction and installation of bridges in open, well and pile foundation. We are equipped with cranes, pile drilling rigs both rotary (MAIT-80) and percussion. Batching plants, Transit Mixtures, Concrete Pump, Pre-stressing Jacks, Grout Pumps etc. etc.

Sometimes client design the bridges according to the specification and the requriments of a particular area and locality and also the condition prevailing the particular land or river calling for curved and skew construction. The style and material of the system will also go a long way to determining the overall aesthetic character/design of a bridge but requirements may vary.

Bridge & Flyover construction is as essential and integral part to India accross multiple rivers and congested cities and numerous railway crossing. Even today many major rivers lack bridges, and the number of flyovers even in primary cities is few. The demand for bridges and flyovers in cities and towns is on the increase. To add to this, several old bridges built during the British era, are requiring approaching restoration and reconstruction. Expertise in construction of bridge of ARSS is reflected in constructing new bridges across Kuakhai, Kathzodi under Joint Venture.

Steel Works

Steel and iron remains another popular bridge building medium. "We work mostly in steel and iron when it comes to the bridge,.

The Company enjoys a strong in-house capability to fabricate large-scale structural steel girders for bridges, flyovers and builidings. This competency comprises a capability to fabricate on-site and off-site built-up girders, columns, trusses, structural form work support systems, plate bending, welding, cutting through pug machines, shearing, bolting and riveting facilities.

Since steel girders comprise the principal props for bridges and flyovers, their manufacture needs to be of the highest quality. In view of this, the company manufactures steel girders in a captive unit, which enables it to protect quality and delivery schedules. Since steel girders are of a large size – the company Manufactures key parts off-site and assembles them to create the steel girder at the project site. Over the years, company has demonstrated a capability in the erection of bulky girders from considerable heights above the road or water surface.

Tunnel Works

Project of the tunnel design , includes mechanical ventilation systems, travel surveillance, operations, etc. herefore, there is a feasibility study being undertaken to determine the optimum location and type of construction capable of replacing the existing with a tunnel alternative. These final alignments would then be completed to a conceptual design stage including construction cost estimates. Removal of the existing ballasted rail track and replacement with a smooth, one-lane roadway surface with embedded rails that will allow for both train and automotive use.

Scaling and excavating portions of the tunnel interior to install necessary equipment, tunnel ground support systems, and other facilities while maintaining the appropriate railroad clearance envelope for double stack trains.

Installation of necessary life safety and support systems, including ventilation, lighting, refuge areas, etc.

Traffic control devices, traffic monitoring systems and necessary communication systems.

They recognized our society's increasing emphasis on life safety, but, as yet, the lack of a definitive and generally accepted consensus regarding the proper design and operation of road tunnel ventilation systems in a fire emergency. Further, as a result of significant decreases in vehicle engine emissions over the past three decades, the ventilation rates required to meet contaminant level criteria in road tunnels may not provide adequate ventilation capacity for a fire emergency.

The tunnel was modified and instrumented to allow operation and evaluation with the following ventilation system configurations:

  • Full Transverse Ventilation
  • Partial Transverse Ventilation
  • Partial transverse Ventilation with Single Point Extraction
  • Partial Transverse Ventilation with Oversized Exhaust Ports
  • Point Supply and Point Exhaust Operation
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Longitudinal Ventilation with Jet Fan.

Building Works

Modern townships are one of the areas where the infrastructure has a pivotal role to play. The world bank and other agencies are contributing for the development of the nation, considering it as a thrust in regard to have more business the company has fair amount of expertise to structure the building with the engineers and architects and a team of experts it has set up a team to study the soil position in a locality to make artistic look of the building .

Industrial Plant Works

As a policy making the company employs adequate and managerial staff for design of industrial plant work. In this particular type of work our strength lies in successfully completing some of the assignments in the past in Indian context and particularly in the eastern area as major projects are there to executed we feel that timely completion of the project will be our key to successes our own plants are examples in this direction.

We have taken adequate measures for air pollution, water pollution from the authorities and pollution of the plant was made also taking into factors of environmental pollution. We keep advising the client regarding all this factors awhile execution of the work.

Pre plan map of the project and sketches of it are most admired by our clients.

Other Works

we do take on sub contract basis the works of infrastructure in various parts of India, it's because other company feel that the quality of work we give is excellent we have adequate manpower, machine.

The company derives substantially from the sub contract as the company has its own crusher plants also derives income from the sale of the metal chips.

we always invite other allied partners to shake their hand for the growth of the nation and provide infrastructural facilities in a global manner.

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